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Brook Hill International Swimming School believes that your child deserves to have an incredible swimming experience in the safest and most fun environment possible. Our swimming lessons are specially designed to make learning fun through guided play for children from ages 3 to 10 years old. We’re committed to helping children make waves in life through lessons that offer experienced guidance in swimming techniques as well as important information about water safety. Swimming lessons are offered year-round with a low student-to-teacher-ratio to ensure that your child receives the most patience, supervision and guidance. Our attentive instructors are passionate about showing kids just how fun it can be to learn a life skill that’s as important as swimming.

Benefits for Children

Health and Fitness

Swimming is one of the absolute best forms of exercise as it works every muscle group in the body without putting stress on bones and joints.

Social Skills

Swimming classes are held in groups of children of a similar age and ability.


Learning to swim is hugely important to ensure your child is safe around water.

Life Skill

Swimming is an important life skill that will bring a lifetime of pleasurable experiences.


Swimming classes instill a competitive streak in children.

We offer a variety of swim lesson programs for children 3 to 10 years old. Whether your child is just starting to get comfortable in the water or moving on to more advanced techniques we have you covered.

Our progressive curriculum starts with foundational skills in beginner level classes and develops swimmers to be advanced swimmers. We offer a variety of class types from small group classes ratio to semi-private and private lessons.

Our swim lesson program includes:

  • A progressive curriculum focused on water safety, skill development, and proper swimming technique for the four fundamental swim strokes.
  • Experienced, passionate, Brook Hill Swimming School Certified™ instructors who have completed extensive classroom and in-water training programs, along with a series of instructor-shadowing sessions.
  • Our commitment to match the instructor’s teaching style to the needs of each swimmer through our Brook Hill Swimming School Match™ program.

Right from the beginning, every Brook Hill Swimming School student learns the basics of water safety and the correct way to swim. We believe swimmers need to develop swim skills that not only allow them to float, but to also move themselves to safety as confident, efficient swimmers. Having a correct, efficient swim stroke enables swimmers to move themselves out of potentially dangerous situations.

As their skills increase, they’ll become more and more confident… both in the pool and in everyday life. Start with Brook Hill Swimming School during your child’s early years, and watch your little swimmer grow into a strong and confident lifelong lover of water.

When a child learns to swim with confidence, their life is changed forever.

Swimming is more than an important life skill. Enroll your child in swimming lessons, and give them an opportunity to live life to the fullest!

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